Top Tips For Protecting Our Forests

Traveling through the forest can be a fun and exciting day out.  Walking through the woods you are coming closer to nature and all of its beauty.  Surrounded by humboldt redwoods the feeling of awe inspiring vistas will inspire you to travel and explore.

When traveling through the forest you want to keep a few things in mind.  These tips and tricks will ensure that you are safe and that the forest is returned to the same state that it was before you went exploring.  First off, respect the forest.  The forest is a natural wonder that can’t simply be replaced by planting trees.  Forests are living, breathing environments that once changed or altered will never be the same again.

Taking in food and other previsions into the forest is a good idea but remember that no matter what you bring in you have to take out.  Don’t throw trash onto the ground or into the water.  When you do this you are doing damage that can’t be undone. 

humboldt redwoods

Respect the animals

Animals live in the forest and as such you are the visitors.  Traveling through the forest you will hopefully see a vast assortment of wildlife.  Creatures such as deer, bears, insects and squirrels will be scurrying around the wilderness looking for food and exploring their home.  When you encounter these animals don’t be scared, take a step back and watch them in their natural environment.

Watch where you are going

Traveling through the forest can be dangerous.  Hidden items such as holes, roots and rocks can lie all around the area.  When in the forest, look for trails and paths that you can follow.  If in a natural park, follow posted signs.

The forest is a great place to visit and explore. Each time you visit it will be a totally different experience.  Respect the forest and it will respect you in return.

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