Getting Married in Las Vegas

vegas marriage packages

It might be the result of bad planning or a drunken idea, but some people like to spontaneously get married in Las Vegas! That trope of running away to get married in Vegas is popular for a good reason, and people even choose to go to Vegas and plan out their dream weddings. So it’s not all spontaneity. Vegas has a ton of ways to get you hitched, including getting married in a church, on a helicopter, or in a Denny’s by an Elvis impersonator.

All the vegas marriage packages are interesting in their own right and allow for some truly magical weddings to happen. It’s the city where anything happens after all. Some packages include getting married at a garden grove, over the lights of the strip, and even in a church.

If you don’t feel like moving, there is even a ‘wedding wagon’ that is fully mobile and comes to you, that is filled with a wedding officiant, music, photographer, and they even file your paperwork for you! The wagon will drive anywhere and give you a stress-free wedding at your choice of location. Then they come out, set up, and marry you!

Other items include fandom weddings, that can create weddings perfectly themed around fantasy, movie, or science fiction themes. If you’ve ever wanted to be married according to the laws of the Jedi, or be married by Iron ManÂ… you need this selection.

Basically, Las Vegas literally allows couples to do whatever they want in terms of creating their big fantasy wedding. While Vegas weddings are often looked down upon by people who see them as crazy or too outlandish, you’ll still be able to have a great and often well-planned wedding that will blow anyone else’s out of the water.

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